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I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world. For as long as I can remember I’ve been making lists of places I want to see, and things I want to do. I’d spend hours reading about different places and dreaming of the day I could pack my bag and go. The problem? School, then work, money, bills… You get the picture. I know what you’re thinking, but no, I’m not one of those girls who quit her job to become a full time travel blogger (ugh, I wish). I’m just travel crazed girl who also carries 4 jobs and is trying to squeeze in a few weeks of exploring every year to feed my addiction.


So before you jump to conclusions and picture me as this worldly well traveled 20-something who’s loaded with experiences and stories from my backpacking trip in Europe, let me explain a little bit about myself. True, I am just some 20-something (wanna be) blogger from New Jersey. But the reality is, I didn’t actually travel AT ALL until about a year ago. Before 2017 the furthest I had traveled in the US was Orlando Florida, and still today the only other country I have ever been to is Canada. So basically, I don’t know jack shit about the world…. Yet.

My first adventure began April 2017, two years after I graduated college. I planned a 10 day Road trip in Arizona that took us around THE WHOLE DAMN STATE. Did I over plan? Fuck yes. Do I regret it? Fuck no. It was my first time off the East coast and my FOMO was hitting me hard.

Grand Canyon National park
Grand Canyon National Park

I had spent nearly a full year planning this trip. I had thought of absolutely everything. But in the end, that was my biggest flaw! I had thought of EVERYTHING, but my expectations for my time and energy were completely unrealistic. And while it was, to me, still perfect, there was definitely a lot of room form improvement! But I will have plenty of posts on this to come…

My time in Canyon Country only made my wanderlust more intense! Within the year I went on to see Watkins Glen New York, Austin Texas and Miami Florida and began planning my first trip overseas…

Watkins Glen New York

So what is this all about? It’s about learning from my mistakes as a newbie traveler. I am obsessed with travel planning, almost as much as I am obsessed with traveling itself. I spend countless hours researching and reading about where I’m gonna go and what I want to do. I hunt the internet and track flights and hotel prices to get the best deals. I was inspired to start blogging about my experiences for a number of reasons. First of all I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I read information on a travel blog that I couldn’t find anywhere else and that totally saved my ass! In fact it was a travel blog that helped me obtain the ever elusive Havasupai camping permits! I am so eternally grateful for all the great travel bloggers out there who put out helpful content for people like me who would be otherwise clueless.

Candid photo of me working on an itinerary. “Sipper eyes” and mimosas are a must.

But still, traveling is never easy. And the cold hard truth is that traveling well on a budget takes WORK. Hours and hours of research and WORK. Most people don’t realize this and are intimidated by big price tags or they have money to burn and waste it by letting an agency or tour group plan their trip. Maybe a tour or agency is right for some people.. and thats ok.. but Im NOT that type of traveler. I want to experience everything first hand. I want to be in charge of my experiences. And I want to explore, go off trail, and jump off cliffs! So If this sound like something you want to do, I’m here to tell you that it IS possible! And no, you don’t have to quit your job or take out a second mortgage.

Hole in the rock, Papago Park, Phoenix Arizona

With this blog I hope to shed a little light on some of the grey areas of non-agency budget traveling. I’ve put my whole heart and soul into planning every one of my trips and I want to share what I’ve learned with like-minded travelers.

Holbrook Arizona. Kitsch overload. 


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